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Eileen Walsh

REALTOR® / Attorney at Law. President of and top producer for Los Angeles Canyon Real Estate...

REALTOR® / Attorney at Law. President of and top producer for Los Angeles Canyon Real Estate...

Feb 7 3 minutes read

All sellers try to gauge which improvements will bring more money in a sale. Many improve the kitchen or baths, often a wise choice. Many plant a new garden or at least spruce the existing up (no pun intended!) This can also be a good idea. However, most sellers will paint all or a portion of the house prior to listing it.

But according to Simplemost, did you know there are colors it's best NOT to use? As well as recommended colors to use? The selections will surprise you! 

1. Slate gray

Gray is a popular and well-liked paint color choice, but you have to be careful when choosing the shade. Choosing the wrong shade of gray may either increase or decrease the final sale price of your home by more than $1,000. Personally, I can tell you that choosing the right shade of grey is very difficult. Unless you paint a large swatch on your wall directly, and let it sit overnight, and see it all throughout the next day and night, it's very hard to gauge what you have.

Homeowners who chose to use slate gray on their dining room walls, for example, got $1,100 below the expected sale price for their home. In contrast, living room walls that were painted dove or light gray helped increased a home’s value by $1,100.


2. Off-white

This might be the most surprising of the four offending colors. The study found that the use of off-white in some spaces—especially kitchens—can make a them feel flat or dead.

Homes with off-white or eggshell kitchens were found to go for $82 below market value.


3. Terracotta

This bold paint choice could put a dent of -$793 on the value of your home. Zillow found that homes with terracotta-colored living rooms sold for less than the expected value.


4. Dark brown

This color has been referred to as dirty, tar and even death (which sounds a little harsh if you ask me). When used in a bathroom or bedroom, dark brown lowered the final sale price by up to $469.

According to TIME, this color is disliked to the extent that the Australian Government almost used it as the color on cigarette packaging to make smoking less appealing.


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